The Slow Suicide of America

Update: 11/04/2018 – After a lot of feedback I decided to revise the article by including more sources.  There will be no pleasing some people, however I looked to address some of the Second Amendment’s more passionate defenders and their complaints in this edit.  I have added more graphs and pictures because apparently long blocks of text upset some people.

Update: 11/10/2018 – Another few days and another few massacres.  It has become taboo for gun reform activists to speak up after any shooting, however there have been more of them than days this year.  Irresponsible and ignorant is what it would be to not politicize tragedies such as what happened in Thousand Oaks two days ago.  After one of these mass killings we need to have conversations about guns, their impact on society and just how many lives it will cost before someone does something to stem the tide of violence.  I am not that person, I don’t have the audience or platform to reach out.  That doesn’t mean I can’t add anything valuable to the conversation.

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Whence It Came: A Short Story

Nearly everyone assumes it was a benevolent God that begat the world, few would hazard a guess that it was an ambivalent one. It is said that there was a bang and then there was light. In fact there was a scream and then the dark came into being. Before the dark there was Nothing and from that great ocean of nothingness sprang forth The Creator. It existed in that void until the birth of the universe from its will.

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Desperation at Sunshine Motel: A Short Story

What follows is a story I originally wrote for a Creative Writing course my Freshman year in college.  I had to retool the ending several times because I could not decide what should happen with the main character.  This paper recieved an “A” and really was my impetus to becoming a writer.  I hope you enjoy..

Craig sat on the edge of the motel room bed, contemplating life, with a beer bottle in one hand and a joint in the other. After all this very motel room is where his troubles began. Staring at the yellowish walls he thought that maybe he should burn it all down, as sort of an absolution, a purification of sorts. No, that wouldn’t work, it couldn’t work, after all his problems weren’t symbolic, they were very real and very devastating.

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You Are Irrelevant

“Hello employee.  Welcome to the workplace. We are all happy to meet you and want you to know you are a valued member of our bi-gender, multi-cultural, pan-racial team.  You are one of us, ONE OF US.  We want to afford you every opportunity to buy into the illusion that you are important.  If there is every an issue please feel free to fill out a million forms, try to make an appointment with our ineffective Human Resources department and of course consult your supervisor if you can find him/her.  Remember you are a very important part of our team.  What is your name again?”.

“We’re smiling because we want to, not because of the sniper.”

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A Great Purging

I’m not sure when a child becomes aware of his/her own mortality but for me it came very early, too early.  I never thought I would live to see 30.  When you take this fact into account my actions to this point in my life make a bit more sense.  How else does a person with a genius level IQ end up working a dead-end job when the whole world was his oyster?  It takes some explaining how I grew to not embrace, but accept the coming finality of my life.  The place is just as good a place to start with as any, let’s travel back in time to 1980’s Miami, FL.

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My Stages of Grief

I don’t remember much about the first two months. I remember an intense blinding pain, then numbness as I suppose shock took hold. Then NOTHING.

After that I felt as great shifting of the world, as if a record had stopped playing on a turntable. I began to see reality the way it would be from now on. I finally looked at the world and didn’t recognize but knew I had to re-enter the world of the living.

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