Whence It Came: A Short Story

Nearly everyone assumes it was a benevolent God that begat the world, few would hazard a guess that it was an ambivalent one. It is said that there was a bang and then there was light. In fact there was a scream and then the dark came into being. Before the dark there was Nothing and from that great ocean of nothingness sprang forth The Creator. It existed in that void until the birth of the universe from its will.

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In Poor Taste: In Defense of “Jason X”

“In Poor Taste” is a movie review series highlighting my love for certain movies others have described as “bad”, “not-so-good”, or “flaming piles of trash”.

DVD Review: Jason X (2001) starring Kane Hodder and Lexa Doig.  Directed by James Isaac.

Plot Shot: Old hockey mask is back and on a murderous rampage.  What is on the menu for Jason this time, killing campers at Crystal Lake? Nope, sorry, not this time folks.  How about mangling a couple of New York street punks, nada.  Hmm, Jason taking on a bunch of kids in space, no fucking way!!!  Yes, yes fucking way.  Carnage, hilarity and an underrated classic ensue.

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