The Slow Suicide of America

Update: 11/04/2018 – After a lot of feedback I decided to revise the article by including more sources.  There will be no pleasing some people, however I looked to address some of the Second Amendment’s more passionate defenders and their complaints in this edit.  I have added more graphs and pictures because apparently long blocks of text upset some people.

Update: 11/10/2018 – Another few days and another few massacres.  It has become taboo for gun reform activists to speak up after any shooting, however there have been more of them than days this year.  Irresponsible and ignorant is what it would be to not politicize tragedies such as what happened in Thousand Oaks two days ago.  After one of these mass killings we need to have conversations about guns, their impact on society and just how many lives it will cost before someone does something to stem the tide of violence.  I am not that person, I don’t have the audience or platform to reach out.  That doesn’t mean I can’t add anything valuable to the conversation.

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